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CRS Engineering is a company proficient in providing equipment customisation for global manufacturing and research institute. Our solution involved in conceptual feasibility study, hardware design, software development, machine integration, and on site commissioning.

At present CRS Engineering has the capability to provide solution for the following industries:

Optic Engineering and Machine Vision Solution


In Optic

We propose and offer the best suited of optical alignment system which fulfilled the customer needs and devices characters, covering a wide range of alignment specifications, varying from waveguide device evaluation for research& trial use till arrayed waveguide alignment devices and Tosa-Rosa alignment devices for the production use.
In the past, we have past experienced in the waveguide alignment system of:
Sub-micro precision optical fiber alignment system
Fiber array to wafer waveguide grating alignment system
Optical lens assembly for industrial laser sensors
In conjunction with the optical alignment system, our strength is in integrating and software development for laser beam characterization system such as laser beam profiling, light power measuring and light beam position detection for research institutes.

In Machine Vision
We offer cost effective but high performance machine vision system thought used of experienced engineering capability, advance algorithm, and suitable equipment to enhance quality and automated today’s industrial process.
Our solution improve the equipment data feedback, process capability, customer product quality and eliminate traditional human inspection error with high speed, high magnification, precisely, and repeated automated vision system.

The following categories can be used with our machine vision solution according to the industrial needs:

Defect detection
Components measurement
Tolerance monitoring
Alignment feedback and machine guidance
Part presence and orientation
Barcode traceability and print verification

Semiconductor and Precision Engineering


We are capability to offer equipment customisation to both mass volume production and research development laboratories in semiconductor industry. We are willing to invest our resources to collaborate with customers in product realization from concept to prototype and eventually to the flowering solution of high volume mass production. Our capability in semiconductor and precision field fall into following categories:

Integrating precise high speed motion system
IC Test handlers (Thermal test and vision inspection)
Lead frame silicone dispensing
Precision Jig and Fixtures
Wafer handling system
Product Test and Measurement Automation


Product test and measurement is an integral part of the manufacturing process to ensure quality. Often, multiple test cases could be involved in a single product, it will be both time and cost consuming to conduct all those tests. However, CRS Engineering is able to provide the automated test solution to replace the conventional repetitive testing, simplify the complex test setups and shorten the test time.

With experiences in developing test methodological, CRS Engineering capable to develop wide range of test and measurement equipment as per customer product specification. From prototyping, proof of principle till the actual test system, we are always assist customer in finding best possible and customized solution. CRS Engineering products test and measurement covered the following fields:

Products functional tests
Electrical signals integrity tests
Liquid flow characteristic measurements
Physical dimension inspection and measurements
Force, torque, stress measurements and analysis
Light and Optic field measurements
Magnetic field measurements

We are always implement the analysis that cannot be neglected in the product test and measurements, such as FMEA analysis, statistical CPK, gauge R&R and correlation studies.

Product test requirement for each organization is unique and driven by different needs, CRS Engineering is able to provide test software customisation and develop on several software programming such as LabView, C#, VB.NET, PLC language.

Process Automation


Process automation is essential for a manufacturing industry to replace complex tasks from human, to bring increase in production quality, manufacturing accuracy, precision in an industry. With an experience mechanical design, control system engineering and production team, CRS Engineering capable to offer creative and reliable solution for an industry to automated their process.

Our solution experience covered up the following:
Product assembly station
Material handling
Metal forming
Liquid filling and Packaging
To have a turnkey solution in a production line, we have collaborate with our application partners to study and develop the following solutions:
Laser marking
Laser welding
Unique liquid dispensing
Epoxy and adhesive curing techniques